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For Training Engagements



850sf+, tables in pods of 4-6, light, clean, quiet, safe, lockable/secure, parking near, food in walking distance. Prefer: designer minimal, natural light. Moderate quality+.


Approx. 850sf+, 24' wide x 35' deep, for up to 24 people. Arranged in pods of 4-6 people ("Crescent Rounds") Can be 2x2 grid. Or offset to get three tables wide. Two extra 6' long tables at the front/side for Instructor supplies. Three empty tables towards back for exercises and supplies. The room should be lockable/secure (to leave supplies overnight) Preferred: Quiet, natural light. Lots of wall or window) space for taping up papers. Minimal obstructing columns. Extra points: view, high ceiling, desks on wheels, whiteboard walls


Table Setup

Minimal. No water pitchers or pens/pads. Put those things on a back table.

A/V Equipment

Projector & projection screen, two flip- chart easels and two 3M PostIt flip-chart pads.Instructor may be able to bring a projector, but assume not.


Training time is typically 9AM-5PM, unless otherwise arranged with the trainer. The trainer needs access to the room 7AM-6:30PM, for setup and teardown. Ideally, the trainer would have access to set up the night before, and work any any issues. Setup takes 2-3 hours. Tear down 1-1.5 hours.


Parking for 24+, near, safe. Loading access for supplies. Two rolling luggage pieces.

Training Supplies

4x6 index cards (Pack of 100 per table of 5 people) 3" Post-It notes (Yellow. 1/2 pad per person); Pens/Pencils (1/pers) Sharpies (prefer, two-tip model. 1/pers); DryErase Pens for Flip charts and teams. (Assorted colors. One pack per table and two packs for instructor/easels.)


Client will provide any beverages, snacks, & food the attendees expect, unless otherwise agreed. Typical: Water, beverages, snacks. Lunch or food choices within 5-min walk. Strive for options for vegetarians & vegans.


Trainer needs an address and contact person to ship supplies, prior to the course. Course books; Snacks; Water; Post-It flip-chart pads.

Travel Expenses

Where possible, we strive to build the travel costs into the fees. It simplifies things for everybody.

Travel for Trainers

Due to the nature of training, setting up the room and supplies, the special importance of the trainer being present on time, and the unpredictability of city traffic, the trainer may choose to stay in a close-by hotel the night before the course.

Copyrighted Courses

The courses are in-person participatory courses, for best impact. The training materials should not be copied in any manner. The training sessions should not be recorded or broadcast, w/o trainer's permission. Still photos and brief videos are fine. (under 3 minutes)

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